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•  Simple Divorce

•  Contested Divorce

•  Custody & Access of Children

•  Child ...

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REAL ESTATE     (Residential & Commercial)

•  Buying and selling residential homes, condominiums, commercial condominiums

•  Mortgage Re-financing of first, second and third mortgages

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• Family Sponsorship: spouse, common-law, conjugal partners (opposite and same sex), dependent children, parents, grandparents

• Immigration Appeal Division Appeals and Hearings: family sponsorship, re...

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• Domestic Assault

• Minor criminal offences


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There can be many reasons why a marriage isn’t working out, and most couples do their best to work through their problems. But sometimes there is no way to work out the inevitable. While the reasons for a break-up are vast and varied, the legal process by which a marriage is ended is relatively u...

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Custody and Access

Custody and Access

The single most important thing parents need to work out in a divorce is the way they will continue to raise their children, and it’s always best if they can work out this plan cooperatively.

There are many questions that must be resolved, such as wher...

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